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About Us

Eleven 10®, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a manufacturer of high-quality self-aid/buddy-aid gear that is proudly made in the USA. We were founded by 2 brothers: a former Reconnaissance Marine and current tactical paramedic, the other is a longtime police officer and an active SWAT commander. This gives us the unique insight of MIL/LE Special Operations, trauma medicine, and the street cop. We’ve taken our personal experiences and designed medical carrying equipment based on the lessons learned from the streets of America and the conflicts in the Middle East.

Our approach to self-aid gear is less is more. We produce some of the most streamlined and efficient kits on the market. Out kits are designed by non-medics (with some valuable input from doctors and medics) to ensure that they are easy to use with minimal training.  The end goal is to make sure you have the right equipment to make it home to your family.

We get asked quite frequently “What does Eleven 10® mean?”. Eleven 10® was named in respect of the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, November 10, 1775. Once a Marine, always a Marine.



Made in the USA 

When we started to develop the prototypes for our new product line, we had a decision to make ... Overseas production or USA production. Eventhough we could have made more profit having everything manufactured overseas, we decided keeping everything here was more important.

All of our products are manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio with US made materials. We keep hearing that manufacturing in the States is dead, we beg to differ. Designed, prototyped, tested and manufactured all locally. Even our packaging is printed in Cleveland!

Next time your looking for gear that could save your life, ask yourself who do want making it.