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H - Head/Hypothermia

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  • Emergency Mylar Blanket


    Emergency Mylar Blanket

    The cost-effective Curaplex® aluminum Mylar blanket reflects back up to 90% of body heat to help keep patients warm. Curaplex® Emergency Mylar Blankets are also waterproof and windproof. Features: Reflects 90% of body heat to provide warmth...

  • Survival Blanket

    North American Rescue®

    Survival Blanket

    The NAR Survival Blanket is a small, lightweight solution to keep you dry and warm. Totally waterproof and weighing in under 2 oz, these blankets use technology originally designed by NASA (hence the “space blanket” moniker) to trap and...

  • Hypothermia Wrap 60" x 96" - Orange

    Rescue Essentials

    Hypothermia Wrap 60" x 96" - Orange

    The Rescue Essentials Hypothermia Wrap is made from a combination of Mylar® and strong, lightweight polyethylene fabric laminated together. It provides improved body heat reflection and durability compared to traditional Mylar®. High...

3 of 3 Items