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The Importance of Carrying a Tourniquet

The Importance of Carrying a Tourniquet

14th Nov 2022

When it comes to traumatic injuries, seconds matter. Trauma is the leading cause of death for those age 45 and under. Within those unfortunate deaths, 40 percent is due to uncontrolled bleeding. With the right tools at the right time, up to 20 percent of those lives could be saved with effective bleeding control efforts. 

Why not give our First Responders and those in harm’s way the right tools for the job? Give them their best chance at getting home. On-body tourniquet carry has become the standard. 

Rapid access to Self-Aid / Buddy-Aid Medical Gear gives you the best chance of survival at the point of wounding, and Eleven 10® helps you keep that gear right there with you.

We also know that during a critical incident you are your priority, but you may not be “the” priority. Simply put, you may be your only initial medical care when resources are tied up in the chaos. 

Tourniquets are not just for Law Enforcement and EMS. Carry a tourniquet and know how to use it. It’s the number one thing you can do for self-aid, and buy time until professional rescuers can get to you.

We often hear “I keep a kit in my car” or “I have one buried in my pack, somewhere...” When it comes to traumatic injuries, time is blood. Every second wasted looking for your gear is a second off your life and chances of survival go down. Our RIGID TQ Case® serves as a dedicated consistent location for your tourniquet, ensuring it can be deployed rapidly, and increase your survivability.

Eleven 10®, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a manufacturer of high-quality Self-Aid / Buddy-Aid Medical Gear that is proudly made in the USA. We were founded by 2 brothers: a former Reconnaissance Marine and current tactical paramedic, the other is a longtime police officer and an active SWAT commander. This gives us the unique insight of MIL/LE Special Operations, trauma medicine, and the street cop. 

We’ve taken our personal experiences and designed medical carrying equipment based on the lessons learned from the streets of America and the conflicts in the Middle East.

We have dozens of saves and testimony from Officers AND Civilians who utilized our med gear to save their life or the life of another. You never know when that day may be YOUR day. Let Eleven 10® help.

Right there with you.