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QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing - Rolled

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The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Rolled Dressing is the premier gauze available to stop bleeding of superficial wounds, minor cuts, and abrasions. Utilizing the same fast-acting technology adopted by the US military for years to save lives (QuikClot Combat Gauze®), the Bleeding Control Dressing works fast by accelerating the body’s natural clotting process using a proprietary, inert, inorganic material impregnated into an easy-to-use gauze that will not break down or fall apart under pressure.

The Bleeding Control Rolled Dressing comes packaged in a rugged, easy-tear pouch that is durable, user-friendly and easy to identify. Suited for smaller wounds, the product is lightweight, small, and contains 4 feet of hemostatic-impregnated gauze in a rolled configuration.


  • Available over-the-counter for home emergencies
  • Effective, simple, and safe
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Flexible and pliable
  • 3 in x 4 ft of rolled gauze
1 oz
3.5" H x 4.75" W x 0.5" D